Balakrishna impressed with Anushka’s Jewelry!

Balakrishna impressed with Anushka's Jewelry!, Balakrishna Latest News, Balakrishna is Impressed by Anushka, Balakrishna new movies, Balakrishna Goutami putra sathakarni Balakrishna is very much enthusiastic about his 100th movie which is going to showcase Telugu people first king Gautamiputra Satakarni, who ruled Amaravathi kingdom .Critically acclaimed director Krish is weilding the megaphone for this prestigeous movie.
 The costumes design and jewelry for Balakrishna are finalized.From the sources its heard that, Balayya was impressed with Anushka’s role from “Rudhramadevi”, where the makers of “Rudhramadevi” has used original jewelry like real diamonds, pearls and gold for getting the real look.Now Balakrishna and Krish has also decided to make use of the original jewelry and the makers are busy in getting the contact details of the jewelers.Sources say Gold Ornaments weighing 40 Kgs will be made specially for the movie.

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