Balayya did it 3 years before Pawan Kalyan

BalayyaIt is being speculated big time now a days on internet that Nandamuri Balakrishna following footsteps of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. But the fact is completely different as Balakrishna did i three years back itself,where Pawan did it recently. Well what is this all about? Here is the story, read on.

As you see in this above picture, Hindupur MLA meeting this girl dates back to 2011. He visited this patient who was suffering from cancer as the chairman of Indo American Cancer Reasearch Institute. At that time, Sravani slipped into coma and even lost her eyesight. With Balayya boosting her morale and coming forward to offer her medical help through Basavatarakam cancer hospital, doctors attended the girl for three years finally to cure her cancer. And now, Sravani is totally cured and healthy. Thanks to the care taken by the doctors and regular counselling sessions done by Balayya himself.

As not many know that this pic has three years of flash back, most of the web portals are wrongly speculating that Balakrishna followed footsteps of Pawan Kalyan. In fact Balakrishna stood as an inspiration to many heroes meeting such patient who are ailing from chronic diseases. That’s the story folks.

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