Balayya heroine goes nude for a movie?

Radhika Apte36496We have already seen how good she took care in her looks compared to “Raktha Charitra” and ” Legend”. Yes, Radhika Apte is the only connect between those two flicks as she played the female lead in both of them. Though Radhika look vry traditional, she is ultra modern person who never hesitates to go nude if her role demands. As per the latest buyzz, she did so it seems. Of course, not for any India film but for a Hollywood film. Check this out.

Despite of media poking her over this Hollywood flick, Radhika Apte remained silent all these days. But at last here she opens up..tweeting, “I feel this film will release without these nude scenes for the Indian version. Its high time we stand up and talk about it openly,” she says.

We have already seen Radhika Apte stripping for Varun Dhawan in Badlapur. Everybody was surprised to see her doing that. Her bold attitude is helping her cross the language barriers effortlessly and stay in news all the time. This beauty is versatile and just unpredictable!!!

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