Balayya Hiked His Remuneration

BalakrishnaHe has been one of the top stars of Tollywood since a long time now but, he was never interested about his remuneration. All that he knows is acting in cinema one after the other. This simple and down to earth nature owned by Balakrishna Nandamuri has brought him the utmost respect in the industry. And now the buzz is that, after drawing just around Rs 4 to 5 crores for years, Nandamuri star Balakrishna has reportedly pocketed Rs. 7 crore from producers of SLV Cinemas for his upcoming film Godse. After 50-crore blockbuster Legend, even Balakrishna who doesn’t really bother about remunerations, seems to have realised the need to revise his pay cheque and no doubt, its the best time for the actor to do it.
May be, Balakrishna realised that the script penned by director Satya would be potential winner, so didn’t mind hiking the remuneration by few crores. When even new-generation stars like Pawan, Mahesh, NTR touched 15 crore mark, even Balakrishna wanted to revise and prove that he is still in the reckoning and could give young sters a run for their money.
Because, if not for his larger-than-life image and charisma, the contrived plot of Legend, wouldn’t have been a money-spinner, so well he deserved a hike.Of course, if not now,when would Balayya hike his remuneration again? As we all know that Balakrishna wouldn’t be acting after his 100th movie,isn’t it the good time for the appraisal of his pay?