Balayya kiss to Trisha attracts Public attention!

Balayya kiss to Trisha attracts Public attention!, Nayaki Audio launch photos, Balayya babu at Nayaki audio launch, Balayya Kisses NayakiThe other Balakrishna attracted contraversial dispute by smoking at a public place in Chennai during a star  cricket match. Balayya fans feeling that, media has been keeping extra attention on every move from Balakrishna and targeting him on wrong side. For example, Balayya’s presence yesterday evening at ‘Nayaki’ audio launch has also become a subject of discussion.
The above picture says it all. Though, the above gesture looks like a warm, affectionate and a pre-functory welcome peck given by Balayya Babu to Trisha but people started to analyze it in a different perspective. Trisha and Balakrishna share a superb rapport both off and on the screen. They enjoyed each others’ company while working on ‘NBK Lion.’ Director Govi locked Trisha for ‘Nayaki’ by meeting her on the sets of ‘NBK Lion.’
Hope this Balayya, Nayaki kiss or say peck won’t become a new controversy.

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