Bandla Ganesh’s new strategy these days

bandla ganesh_0Usually ,top producer Bandla Ganesh keeps laughing most of the times. But as per the buzz, he is just smiling and not talking much these days. Why is this news strategy chosen by Bandla? Check the story out.

If Ram Charan has chosen to stay silent by saying that he will respond only if someone takes his name, producer Bandla Ganesh is maintaining another strategy.

For every query that is being thrown at him, Ganesh is said to be throwing a smile back rather answering them. Known as ‘blockbuster’ producer, this producer is not confirming whether GAV is a real blockbuster that has showered profits even for distributors.

Also he is silent about the news of Ram Charan returning a part of his pay check to settle the losses of couple of distributors.

Recently we heard that Ganesh is seeking heavy discounts from Jr NTR and Puri Jagan to complete the ongoing project, but he didn’t move his lip. Only indication Ganesh is giving that January 9th 2015 will see release of Jr NTR’s movie.

That’s okay, but what sharing few details and few answers will make cine lovers happy. Isn’t it?

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