Beautiful AD by NTR trust

Photo-Story-NTR-trust-heart-touch-blood-donation-ad-1153They say that out of all donations, blood donations . We have very renowned blood banks in twin cities,who have been doing selfless help for the poor. And NTR trust is one of such blood banks,who always stand for poor and help them anytime round the clock.

For educating the people NTR trust have come up with an innovative advertisement and the picture itself speaks a lot.Here is the picture that conveyed a heart touching message .

Two faces of women, one with out vermilion, one with vermilion depicted by blood drop. The poster carried the message, ‘Makes all the difference’’

If you are difficult to understand the above here is the explanation.Simply meaning how a single drop of blood could be life saver and keep Sindhoor on women forehead.Indeed a great thought.

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