Beautiful girl’s fake video going viral on Whatsapp

Lakshmi-Menon-No-MarriageIts fun for few people to find lookalikes of film celebrities porn videos and circulate it on internet projecting it to be a leaked video of a particular heroine etc. As many of them know that most of the heroines look very different with make up and without make up. Hence, most of the net users wouldn’t doubt such videos believing it to be heroine’s video and keep circulating it. And naturally this would certainly damages the name of that particular heroine. Like the same way , we have seen earlier that the likes of Trisha, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai ad many other being dragged into this. Of late, another beautiful girl is drawn into such mess .

Bold and beautiful lady Lakshmi Menon has fallen into similar trouble at the moment, as she got disturbed from preparing for her exams. On popular messaging app WhatsApp, a sleazy video that poses a lookalike of Lakshmi Menon is being circulated on the heroine’s name.

As soon as this was brought to her notice, Lakshmi Menon has immediately lodged a complaint with cyber crime police. At present, Police are busy finding out where the video has originated from. Meanwhile, the fake video’s sharing is getting spread like wildfire on the app.

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