Bengali beauty praises Puri

imagesIts a must and should situation for any actor or actress in any film industry to maintain a good rapport with the director of the film they are working in, so that they get more opportunities to work with him again and again. Probably, Bengali beauty Madhurima Sen must have learnt this too late. Had she learnt this way back when she was introduced into film industry, she wouldn’t have been in present situation where she is keeping on trying to impress the directors by praising them . We all know that Madhurima is working with Puri Jagannadh now for NTR’ “Temper” .

Naturally she started praising the work of Puri Jagannadh every now and then. Well, these words are enough to trick Puri and get Madhurima another role in the director’s next film possibly. Good luck Madhurima, you had put it straight .

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