Bicchagadu earns Crores of Rupees

BichagaduNobody would have ever imagined that a relatively small-time Tamil actor like Vijay Antony would carve a niche for himself in T-town with a bang, that an underdog would emerge winner over favourites like Suriya, Vijay and Vishal, courtesy of the movie Bicchagadu.

“More than star- value, films with good content will always work irrespective of whether they are dubbed films or straight films,”says Ajay Kumar, director of the successful yesteryear, Tollywood sentimental-drama Mathrudevobhava. He further adds, “Bicchagadu touches upon relevant topics of human relationships like how parents make sacrifices in bringing up their children and how children reciprocate by doing their bit for their parents’ happiness and well-being. This is the USP of the film and it is bound to spin box-office magic.”

“For instance, Bicchagadu collected Rs 50 lakh on day one, Rs 30 lakhs on day 2 and a whopping Rs 1 crore on day three in Nizam. Similarly, it made Rs 5 crore in Andhra and Rs 2 crore in Ceded region. It ended up becoming a ‘sleeper hit’ unlike most films which have slam-bang openings, only to wither away. “It’s always better to have a slow and steady winner,” says leading distributor Srinivas of Nizam region.

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