Big fight between top two South Indian Heroes

vishal-sarath-191114-tWhen things get worst, it will be just like this, say the film critics. There has been a cold war going on two top heroes of Kollywood since some time now. And they are none other than Sharat Kumar and young hero Vishal. Let us see what is the reason for their fight. It is learnt that a building of Nadigar Sangam is said to be the main reason for the entire mess. It seems that Sarath Kumar made a deal to make this building into a commercial complex while Vishal and few other actors were opposing it.

As a leader for the opposition team, Vishal took charge on Sarath Kumar by sending open letters. On the other hand, Sarath Kumar shot back on Vishal in media by saying that Vishal will be suspended for opposing Nadigar Sangam activities. This issue turned hot in Kollywood.

After Rajinikanth’s political suspense issue, this one took the top priority in Kollywood. Now, as Rajinikanth gave clarity on his political entry, we can expect this issue to turn too sensational in that region. It looks like a war between seniors and juniors!

Time will decide, how long this matter would go and what solution do both Sharat Kumar and Vishal search for at the end of the day?

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