Bigger Issues Sorted Out:-Kamal Haasan

Kamal Discharged.. ,Kamal Hassan,KamalKamal Haasan has some good news for all Vishwaroopam franchise fans. Yes, the Ulaganayagan took to his

Twitter space to clarify on what is left and why there is a huge delay in the film’s release.

Kamal says that he is working on means to clear all the obstacles. He claims that the bigger issues have been

sorted out but there is some technical work and some legal issues too. However, the post-production work

might take 6 months. So we are not going to see this spy-action thriller anytime soon.

“4 all looking forward to VR2. Am personally getting in 2 clear the path. Bigger obstacles are out of the

way. Whats left is technical & legal. But bear with my team and me. Post will take 6months” – Kamal Haasan

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