Blaming Superstar for Lingaa” losses is not fair

Lingaa Movie New Stills (2)Its already known that the distributors who suffered losses for distributing Superstar Rajanikanth’s latest flick “Lingaa” have been doing hunger strike since a few days in Tamilnadu. As there isn’t any response came either from Rajanikanth or from the producer Ascar Ravichandran, Tamil actors association slammed the distributors idea of protesting on Rajinimanth Linga failure. In a recent press statement the Union urged to stay away from such acts as its owns risk by default if they are not ready.

Nadhighar sangham president Sarathkumar and senior actress Radha Ravi had suggested distributors to work with common sense instead of running into loss in distribution with blind decisions. In addition to this, they warned distributors as their business is at risk when compared with any other. And also Sarath kumar has suggested that the distributors should work out their financial issues with producers next movie instead of actors.

Well, this suggestion make those distributors discontinue their strike? Let’s wait and see.

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