Bollywood Hero Met With A Minor Accident

115Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt who has been shooting in Chambal for his comeback film “Bhoomi”, met with a minor accident on the sets of the film recently. According to the reports, Sanjay Dutt has suffered a hairline fracture in his ribcage while shooting a fight sequence along with 20 fighters. Sources said that the actor has decided to not take a break from the shoot even after severe pain.

Producer of the film Sandeep Singh confirmed the news saying, “The crew was shooting for a fight sequence for the film’s climax in Chambal where Sanjay had to fight with 20 men, Sanjay had to jump and land on the ground for the sequence when he hit his chest with his elbow. Though he felt a slight pain, he did not take it too seriously”.

“We just gave him some ice and continued to shoot as he did not reveal the level of pain he must have felt. We even had to retake the shot and we did. Later, it started pain a lot and we called a doctor. Even after the X Ray was done and we got to know that there is a hairline fracture, Sanjay came on the sets and insisted that we continue the shoot,” the producer added.

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