Bollywood Heroine Found Living On Streets

Alisa KhanMedia is reporting that Bollywood starlet Alisa Khan, who was paired with Emraan Hashmi twice, is homeless in Delhi.

India Today reported that she was seen roaming in Greater Kailash, after she was allegedly kicked out of her home.

Alisa Khan has reportedly taken refuge at a temple, is dependent on a few friends, and said to be struggling even for regular meals.

The report says Alisa Khan got into trouble after her boyfriend allegedly uploaded an MMS clip revealing intimate pictures of the actress. Her brother and mother allegedly threw her out of the house following the incident.

Alisa Khan is a descendant of Mohammed Nawab Ghaziauddin Khan, the founder of Ghaziabad and is said to be from an aristocratic family.

Media reports described her condition as a riches-to-rags story and compared her plight to Geetanjali Nagpal, a popular model who had run into difficult circumstances and was found living in the streets.
Though Alisa Khan was seen in a few modelling assignments and music videos, her film career never took off though she bagged two high-profile projects, both with Emraan Hashmi.

The first film, My Husband’s Wife, made in 2011, and the second was a Vikram Bhat movie, Aaina, shot in 2013. There is no record of any of these movies having been released.

The industry forgot about Alisa Khan, till a few Hindi publications reported last month that she had become homeless after the MMS scandal. Pretty much the same details were played out on Thursday as well, though in other media outlets.

While shooting My Husband’s Wife’s Alisa Khan had accused that co-star Rakhi Vohra had tried to molest her. While the media coverage of that incident is still available online, no detail of the recent MMS scandal is available, though she is said to have filed a police complaint against the boyfriend.

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