Bollywood Queen Is Making Headlines For All Bad Reasons

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut is making headlines for all bad reasons in recent past! The most versatile actress from Bollywood at present is back again to the limelight.

Right from the inception of her upcoming ‘Simran,’ Kangana is into many controversies. It all started when she demanded the makers to credit her name for co-scripting the film which did not go well with the core team of the film. Next, there were also reports which said the team of ‘Simran’ didn’t like her interferences in the post production of the film. This time we hear that CBFC officials are disappointed with Kangana’s foul languages in the film and asked the makers to cut few more scenes along with abusive words and re-send the film for censoring process post the cuts.

Makers have now asked few more days of time to discuss with the team about the issue and to find a solution to over come CBFC hurdle.

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