Brahmaji’ son attacked by MLA bodyguards

brahmaji-venkatadri-express-success-meet_138598082400This is another example about how politicians are using their power in a bad way and troubling the civilians . We have seen many such incidents and many other gone unnoticed . But this time its the son of a noted Tollywood actor Brahmaji became the victim, and naturally got wide coverage from media too. What happened exactly? Lets know.

Apparently, Brahmaji’s Son Sanjay was on his way to Shamshabad Airport to pick his father who is returning from an outdoor shoot. When Sanjay was paying money at the tll-gate, A person in driving seat in the vehicle which is next behind began honking repeatedly.

Sanjay got down from his vehicle and asked them to be patient for sometime. Soon, Few men got down of that car and began abusing Sanjay and even manhandled him at one point. TDP MLA Prakash Goud who was in the vehicle at that time didn’t even bother to control his men and stayed as mere spectator.

Brahmaji who was very upset with what has happened pledged to file a complaint against MLA and his men in the nearest police station.

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