Brahmanandam followed her suggestion?

unnamed (7)We all have seen that Manchu Lakshmi giving away Celkon A 35K smart phone as Diwali gift to her personal staff. She asked comedy king brahmanandam to do the same. Interestingly, Brahmi came into picture by doing the same within 24 hrs .

Manchu Lakshmi actually said :

’A Celkon A35K for my assistant this Diwali! From neighborhood gossip to world news, a smartphone will always keep her updated! Brahmanandam uncle, you should also try and spread the joy of gifting sometime.’’Lakshmi said .

Responding to this,Brahmanandam wrote on his facebook page.

“Ivala nundi maa vaadi jeevitham nasanam.
Deepavali rojuna Lakshmi Manchu varam ichhindi nenu prasadam pettanu. Arey Ali ee idea edho bagundhi nuvvu kooda Celkon A35k mee vallaki gift Icheyye!”.

Now we have to wait and see if Ali takes up the task and follows Brahamanandam’s suggestion.

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