Brahmi’s unique talent revealed

Brahmanandam artWe all know that veteran comedian Brahmanandam is a very good comedian and also did few hero roles too in few films. But not many know that he has another unique talent in him ,which would definitely make you drop your jaws for sure. Well, Brahmanadam is not only good at comedy, but also very good at clay carving. Don’t believe? Read this story .

Well, Brahmi has come up with a model of Lord Venkateshwara and this has been made out of clay. It is not an easy task to do clay modeling and that too with such fine angles and precision. But Brahmi has worked on it like a true professional and created a very nice model.

So far, Brahmi was known as a lecturer, a mimicry artist and then as a comedian. In between he also did few stints as a hero. But this craft of his has come like a bolt from the blue. It has shown that he has an artistic and creative taste as well. After looking at the model, we can only say ‘Hats Off Brahmi!’.

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