Brahmotsavam USA Premiers Total collections-Updated

Mahesh babuMahesh starrer Brahmotsavam released today .. May 20th with overseas premiers yesterday May 19th. We are giving live reports from USA. Huge expectation on this film on how it will perform in USA box office on premiere day. Overseas Distributors expecting $1 million from USA premiers by setting non Baahubali record in USA premiers. So far as on today according to IST 7am it has collected $ 391,000.
So far Baahubali is in top position with $1.36 million on premiere day followed by recently released Sardaar Gabbar Singh in 2nd place with $616k.

Here are Hourly USA Gross collections:

Time Hourly Gross in US $

7am EST/4:30pm IST 15,000

8am EST/5:30pm IST 20,000

9am EST/6:30pm IST 59,000

10am EST/7:30pm IST 134,000

11am EST/8:30pm IST 157,000

12Noon EST/9:30pm IST 171,000

1pm EST/10:30pm IST 180,000

2pm EST/11:30pm IST 190,000

3pm EST/12:30am IST 221,000

4pm EST/1:30am IST 234,000

5pm EST/2:30am IST 250,000

6pm EST/3:30am IST 264,000

7pm EST/4:30am IST 274,000

8pm EST/5:30am IST 286,000

9pm EST/6:30am IST 301,000

10pm EST/7:30am IST 338,000

11pm EST/8:30am IST 391,000

Brahmotsavam from USA Premiers have collected $499,000 which is less than Sardaar Gabbar Singh Premiere collections.

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