“Bunny is my pet ” says Rajendraprasad

Son Of Satyamurthy Audio Launch Photos 04 (12)Comedy king, Natakireeti Rajnedraprasad is known for his bold talk. He never hesitates to speak his hearts out. Yesterday, on the occasion of “s/O Satyamurthy” audio release function, Rajendraprasad has surprised few and shocked few by calling stylish star Allu Arjun to be his pet. You also got suprised? Let’s read it in Rajendraprasad’s own words only.

“Allu Arjun is the darling of everybody. If you think Allu Arjun is just a Telugu hero, Then you are mistaken! When I went to Kerala recently, People asked me if I was the actor who played the cop in ‘Julayi’. Keralites likes Allu Arjun more than Telugu People. He is like my pet and I love him so much. I wish him a great success.”

Showing his complete confidence in Trivikram, Rajendraprasad said: ” All the artists are lucky enough to act under the direction of Trivikram. We could confidently say that ‘S/O Satyamurthy’ will be four times better than ‘Julayi’,” he announces.

Keeping all that aside, it would be interesting to see how would Bunny fans take about Rajendraprasad commenting their matinee idol to be his pet?

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