Bunny-Samantha spotted at a club

allu arjun, samStylish star Allu Arjun and glamorous doll Samantha were found together shaking their legs at a club in the midnight the other day. Well…wait on, it is just as a part of “S/) Satyamurthy”‘ song shoot. And the club was a setting erected at Annapurna 7 acres studio by the way. Director Trivikram is shooting a party song in this specially erected club set ,which features both Allu Arjuna and Samantha. and also Adah Sharma. An intruder on the locations has anyway shot a workings still of the crew and left it on the net.

We can find Bunny sporting his style in a suit, while Trivikram is standing adjacent to him with a white masking cloth draped around his neck. The lady sitting in front of them and adjusting her hair while looking at the mirror is none other than Samantha. That’s briefly from the S/o Satyamurthy shooting spot. More details soon..stay tuned.

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