Burning star upset with his producers?

Shocking-Reason-Behind-Attack-on-Sampoornesh-BabuSampoornesh Babu, the name is enough to tickle the funny bones of the Telugu audience . Yes, the impact he created on them with his début flick “Hrudayakaaleyam” would last long for sure. With the title before his name “Burning Star”, Sampoornesh Babu, fondly called as Sampoo by fans is now one of the most wanted artiste for many film makers and everyone out there is trying to cash his craze to the fullest.

As per the latest buzz, it is learnt that Sampoornesh Babu is now vexed with the makers of a movie titled ‘Vinodam 100%’. Apparently this flick’s first look pictures are released today publicizing that the film features Burning Star Sampoo and Boiling Star Prudhvi (30 years industry) in the lead roles. Within minutes, the news spread like a wildfire that Sampoo is playing the lead role in it. Is it not true?

No says Sampoo himself about the flick and wrote on his face-book page in his own style like this “Vinodam 100% chithram lo oka guest role chesthunnaanu. Nenu pradhana pathra cheyytam ledhu. Rendu rojula pathra ni naa chithram annattuga paathra ga prachaaram cheyyatam badhakaram”, . Posted the same thing on his twitter page too.

Well Sampoo, you are the one who is raising up and up day by day. Get used to it buddy.

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