Buxom beauty makes it a mess at a BAR

Geethanjali-Movie-Wallpapers-5Telugu beauty Anjali is one of the heroines who always look like standing on the verge of super stardom, but loses it with hairline margin with some or the other controversy from time to time. Anjali was a big sensation last year after her rift with a Tamil director and her tussle with her aunt. She was missing from media glare for a long time but finally is back in the scene with an even big controversy now.

As per the latest reports, the actress on Friday came to Tabla Pub with her friends. It was already too late and the dance floor was closed. However Anjali insisted that they should be allowed on to the floor. When the manager stopped them and said Sorry, she began to use cuss words on him under the influence of alcohol and even smashed some glasses and bottles on to the floor. Finally the Pub management informed the Police and they had to intervene and settle the issue.

After some time, Anjali realized her mistake and said sorry to the management of Tabla pub and then walked away silently. This is the contradiction of the characters of few film stars which saw it on screen and that we see in real life.

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