C Kalyan Elected As President Of AP Film Chamber of Commerce


Producer C Kalyan elected as president of AP Film Chamber of Commerce. He is one most popular personality in film industry. Prouder has won this victor without any kind of doubt. This kind of win has given satisfaction to him.

P Kiran and C Kalyan are participated in this competition for the post of president. This election was take place on Friday in Vijayawada for AP Film Chamber of Commerce president. Pothula Ravikishore, Muthyala Ramdas,Kodali Venkateswara rao and other are organised this election event.

45 executive members are appeared for voting in this election. Tollywood producer C Kalyan has earned 45 votes and P Kiran has gained 19 votes. Mutyala Ramesh, producers council sector chairman Satya Reddy and other persons are presented in this election event.

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