Can “Baahubali” sustain the curiosity of audience?

BaahubaliOne might not believe that Tollywood is now at a huge financial crisis. Many star hero’s films are at huge risk. Whoever knows in and out of Tollywood can never deny this fact. Considering the present situation, many of the critics are now questioning that is it fair enough to make “Baahubali” in two parts with a mid blowing budget of 120 crore?

And there is another group who is very much confident on Rajamouli’s skills and ability to recover the budget for his producers. But few critics opens up themselves and came up with their analysis . They say that we don’t know what Rajamouli’s scheme is but if you look in the past, Rakta Charitra’ part 1 worked but not part 2. How will Rajamouli build the curiosity? Will it be enough to sustain the audience interest? Of course, if it works then Telugu movie will touch international standard no doubt.”

Lets wait and see for some more time till Rajamouli speaks about this and clears the air.

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