Can he become the saviour for “Three Angels”?

Yevade Subramanium First look PosterTollywood’d one of the renowned production houses, “Vaijayanthi Movies” has lost its glory in the recent times by producing a few duds like “Kathanayakudu” , “Kantri”, “Shakti”. It is not new to the legendary producer C. Ashwinidutt ,as he has seem many such highs and lows in his long career so far. But, he just wanted to take a break from production. Hence, his daughter Priyanka Dutt started a new firm named “Three Angels” and started producing movies on that banner since a while. But the irony is, even “Three Angels” three productions so far “Banam”, ” Om Shanti”, “Sarochru” too have bitten dust big-time.

After two years of gap, “Three Angels” productions planning to produce a movie “Yevade Subrahmanyam”now with a debutante director Nag Ashwin. Nani is playing the male lead in the movie. As they had bitter experiences till date, Priyanka Dutt and Nani are said to be trying their best to make “Yevade Subrahmanyam” a big hit . Nani is said to be actively participating in the promotions of the movie to make sure they get grand openings this time.

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