Can Maruthi change Nani’s fate?

maxresdefaultIt won’t be so easy to get the dates of heroes who are on a roll of successful films. This fact was realized by director Maruthi a bit late, and has gone back to a hero who is going through a lean patch for his next flick. After his previous film ‘Kotta Janta’ , Maruthi tried his best to get into big league by grabbing Nitin, Suni’s dates. But none of them responded positively to this director.

After an year of hard work and repeated trials, Maruthi realized to make his next film with a star who is not shining at present and give him a break and make it shine as earlier. And now that star happens to be young hero Nani. He is now making a flick called ‘Yevade Subrahmanyam’ with Nani.

After two duds like ‘Paisa’ and ‘Aha Kalyanam’ Nani is struggling to get onto the success track, and it is never going to be easy for Maruthi to give a big hit.
It is not going to be easy for Maruthi to pull off a hit with Nani at this point. This enthusiastic young director trying his hand in new genres time to time, and is promising the audience that he picked a new story line for Nani’s film too. Lets see how good that pays off?

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