Can this Telugu girl get “Nandi” for it?

MadhavilanthaIt is quite a real thing that no Telugu film maker is interested to promote Telugu girl through their films in the main roles these days. Depending on the skin shows, almost all of them are showing interest to dump those North Indian beauties for their films as heroines,who hardly can give any expression. When we have a few talented Telugu actresses, why don’t some one push them forward and give them a chance to prove their mettle?

There is an artiste who has the decent looks and bundles of talent to act,but hardly she got any break to prove herself. She is none other than Maadhavi Latha, who has done some decent roles so far in the films like , “Nachavule” , ” Snehituda”, “Aravind-2″ etc. She recently bagged a plum offer to act beside Tamil Hero Vishal too. Now, it appears that she has got the due chance through the yet to be titled new movie. This marks Dr Ghazal Srinivas as the main lead in the film. Earlier Ghazal Srinivas debuted with the film ‘Vichitram’ in Jandhyala’s direction. Later he appeared in ‘A Film By Aravind’ as well.

It is learnt that this new film is based upon a novel”Tyaagam”, written by renowned Telugu author Chalam. A source from the movie crew reveals that Maadhavi Latha has given some astounding performance,which might bring her “Nandi” award too. Lets all wish this young talented Telugu lady gets it going in Tollywood with handful of offers in the nearest future and wish her all the very best.

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