Can you guess who this genius is?

rgv picIt would be so interesting to see the childhood pics of film celebrities. Most of the times we get shocked as we do not find any features from the current face to the childhood one. Only few resemble the same childhood pics to their present pics. But, many of them doesn’t match at all. And here is one live example for that. If you can’t recongnise this kid still, well it is none other than creative genius and also controversial director Ram Gopal Varma.

Couldn’t believe right? Well, today he shared a picture of himself when he was a kid below 1 year age. This infant picture showcases that curious look on his face well. His eyes searching for something innovative and exciting, and his body language talking for itself when a genius is on the making. Who would love to miss a stare from him then.

Such an adorable pic isn’t it?

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