Capdase Auto Linen Launched its 7D Car Floor

Hyderabad, March 2017; Capdase Auto Linen released its new 7D car floor Mat in to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states Market. It’s all new collection is designed with balance, layers, color & texture mats unveiled by Capdase South India distributor Mr Susheel Taneja (Ashirwad Auto Accessories), and Mr. Raj Kumar Vigg, Capdase Auto Linen Managing Directors Bhupender Singh, Susheel Kumar at Press Club of Hyderabad.

“Over years, Capdase has launched various products under the brand and is working towards making it an internationally successful with a vast distribution network across India and now introduced capdase 7D car floor mats collections “said Mr Bhupender Singh, Susheel Kumar. The Mat classic hues & modern patterns clubbed with luxurious fabrics & techniques bring elegance and style to your car” they added.

Effortless and utterly relaxed, Capdase Auto Linen is a leading name in the domain of 7D car floor Mats. The versatility, reliability and a comprehensive collection of mats for luxury vehicle brands made it the most trusted name in this sector “said Mr Susheel Taneja.

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