Case against sexy lady for celebrating Holi

Sofia-Hayat-during-Zoom-Holi-Party-at-Dariya-Mahal-in-Mumbai-on-March-8-2012-Isn’t that sounding little weird?How can some one be charged for celebrating a festival? Yes, Sofiya Hayat, the sex bomb of Bollywood is in trouble now for celebrating Holi. But wait on, not for just celebrating Holi but wearing skimpy costumes and for distributing those pics with media. Alleging that, Sofiya has spoiled the festive spirit by trying to gain the attention in a wrong way,few Hindu organizations filed a case against this beauty.

On the eve of Holi, Sofiya She has smeared her entire body with colours and has distributed her pictures to the media. As Holi is not just the festival that we can enjoy with colours, but also there is a religious sentiment is attached to it.As a result, there are reports that some Hindu hard liner organizations are planning to file a case against her and bring some order. We still to get more details on this.

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