Censor board issued U/A for “Gaddam Gang”

Gaddam Gang Movie Sankranthi WallpapersSenior hero Rajasekhar’s latest movie “Geddam Gang” is all set for a grand release on 6th February. Censor formalities have been finished for the movie ans has been issued ” U/A” from the censor board.

“Gddam Gang” is a remake of super hit Tamil flick “Soodh Kavvam”. It is all about four guys who makes living through kidnapping big shots in the town. As the kidnap turns ugly with a Minister’s son involving in a twisty episode, the story takes a sensational turn. Rajasekhar’s acting, comedy and whole plot are entertaining and up to mark, as per reports.

Rajasekhar has pinned all his hopes on “Gaddam Gang”, as he has been out of success track since a long time now. This should become a come back movie for him, or else it won’t be that easy for him to survive in Tollywood ,says critics.

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