Chaarmee insulted Ileana about her looks?

This sounds little weird that we all know Charmee won’t be standing in list of comparisons with Ileana in any aspect. That too about looks? Come some one joking here? It looks so ,if we can observe Charmee’s comments. The thing is recently buxom beauty Charmee has pariticipated in popular talk show “Konchem Touch lo unte Chepta”.

When the host Pradeep Manchiraju asked Charmee like “Whom would She suggest to carry the Make-Up Kit?’, and to everyone’s surprise, Charmee didn’t even think for sec to say its Ileana.

As soon as Pradeep heard Ileana’s name, he tried to maker her remember that Charmee has already given an answer for a question as Ileana. And immediately Chamee went on saying “Have you ever seen Ileana without make up? “. Well, yes we all do agree that Ileana has oily skin ,so what? Few of ileana fans took pot shots at Charmee challenging her to talk or compare her physique to Ileana’s sexiest body. We don’t think Charmee would never dare to d so right?

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