Chaitu moving by this strengths finally

Naga-ChaitanyaKnowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses is definitely not possible by eveyrone. But young Tollywood hero Naga Chaitanya must be knowing his strengths and weaknesses of his own,hence he finally got back to right track. We hava seen Chaithu trying his luck with different subjects,which are not his forte. He tried to become a mass hero despite being successful with romantic films. Chaitanya’s attempt to woo the masses has gone wrong with Autonagar Surya and now the actor has a very clear mindset about what to do and what not to. Chaitanya is sticking to romantic films and light hearted entertainers now.

Naga Chaitanya has rejected few stories that are targeted at the mass audience. He is extremely successful with romantic films and a certain section of audience has accepted him. His films are doing well in A centers and appeal to the youngsters. So Chaitanya decided to put mass films aside and stick with romantic films.

His upcoming film Oka Laila Kosam is already making good buzz among the film circles and looks like another minimum guarantee film from the Yuva Samrat. Chaitanya’s next film is directed by Swamy Rara fame Sudheer Varma. It is a romantic thriller with ample entertainment. Chaitanya is on the right track at the moment and his fans are very happy to see him recognize his strengths.