Chakri plans for a fund raising event

Music-Director-ChakriProbably this is for the first time in the history that a big city like Vizag getting damaged due to a cyclone in India. The estimated cost of damage is around 1,00,000 crores ,which is a very very huge amount. Its not so easy for the Government to put Vizag in its original shape,as the Hudhud cyclone gave a devastating result at the end of the day.
Many film personalities have been contributing form their side. Now music director Chakri has also reacted on this and posted like this on his facebook page the otherday.
“Really feeling bad about the damage done by HUDHUD to vizag.. I sincerely pray for the speedy recovery of vizag & the people over there. Appreciate the way govt & the film industry is reacting. As part of it I am planning a fund raising event. I request & invite all the singers, musicians & my fellow music directors to come forward & co-operate with me in this regard…!!!”
Let us see, how many of them would come forward and help Chakri.

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