“Chakri’s death is natural ” says forensic reports

chakri sravaniWell, here comes the official declaration from the forensic laboratory , squashing all the rumours that have been doing circles post renowned music composer Chakri’s death. We have already seen that both Chakri’s wife Shravani and Chakri’s mother and brother filing police complaints on each other stating that Chakri must have been poisoned etc.

Following allegations and counter-allegations within the family of late music director Chakri, Jubilee Hills police have lodged a case under Suspicious Death under section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure suspecting a “foul play” in Chakri’s death.

With none other than forensic reports setting the record straight, it’s clear that Chakri’s death was natural. This come as a breather for Chakri’s fans who were deeply upset with the rift within the family. So , Chakri is no more because of massive cardiac arrest,and lets stop worrying about it now.

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