Chakri’s last words about Puri?

Puri Jagannadh-WallpaperAlready Chakri’s sudden demise left every near and dear of him left in tears. And many fans are still weeping continuously.And now on top of it, another heart pinching matter came out by Chakri’s office boy. As per the reports , it is learnt that Chakri was busy with some recordings at his office till 1:00 am it seems. Before leaving for his place, Chakri spoke to his office boy like” Don’t know why but i want to see Jagan Bhayya(Puri Jagannadh)….now…want to talk to him..” says Chakri’s office boy.

Those were the last words spoken by Chakri, and that too about his dearest brother/friend Puri Jagannadh. That itself shows how strongly they are bonded with each other. The duo started their careers at similar time and worked for films like Bachi, Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, Idiot, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Sivamani, Desamuduru and etc.

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