Chandamama Raave Movie Press Note



ChandamamaRaave is a Telugu Feature Film with Naveen Chandra and

Priyal Gor in the lead roles. Directed by Dharma Raksha, Twin Directors and

Produced by IEF Corporation.

ChandamamaRaave is a passionate, entertaining, romantic tale, it falls

under the genre of ROMANANCE

ChandamamaRaave can boast of its vibrant content that has a very strong

universal appeal.

The film is shot in spectacular and virgin locations giving visual feast to the


Shot at terrains of Gangtok to Goa. Blue Seas, Snow Mountains, Deep Valleys,

Pristine Riverbeds Lakes Floral Gardens and Pine Forests.


The film was extensively shot in, Goa, & Sikkim.

Sikkim, why there? When we know much of Tollywood popular culture, like

much of movie goers expectation, remains besotted by foreign locales.

Dharma & Raksha had the picture in mind and they headed straight Northeast to

a state sandwiched between Nepal and Bhutan and bordering China in the north.

The cast and crew seem stayed there for 30 days and today more than 3000

stories to tell about the location shooting at 18,500 feet above sea level at – 5

degree centigrade temperature. With picture-postcard locales, some great hikes

in the Himalayas, it a perfect mountain escape for anyone. Naveen says “after

release of Chandamam Ravee” Sikkim will be next in the bucket-list of must-see

places in India. Buddhist monasteries, the cheerful urban centre and the food

makes it a trekker’s haven.

Tsomgo Lake is the place where the team shot the songs. Dharma and Raksha

says, they we were told to start the shooting early, the progress was good and

surprisingly by 1 p.m we were asked by the Border Crisis Rescue team to wrap

up for the day.

Reason? Poor visibility.

Imagine driving back with less than 1 meter visibility, on a 20-feet road, at

18,000 feet altitude. The thought can churn anyone’s stomach. A cliff-hanger

kind of situation for the entire team. And on day 2, landslide – “the earth came

hurtling down right in front of us” says Priyal Gor, “it was scary, but then there

was an alternative and we made our way through it.” The crew also shot at

Hanuman Tok, a military location, because of the height and poor oxygen few of

the team members were admitted in hospital with acute mountain sickness and


But, the team says, there is something about the place. It’s never tapped by

Telugu film makers and so we could get the desired visuals for the film. The

director duo says “The visuals, for sure, will be a breath of fresh air in

Chandamama Ravve.”

On a parting note Naveen says “By far this film was the toughest in terms of

getting my emotions right, hope it translates on screen.”

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