Charan and Rana help for Earthquake victims

imagesWe are all aware of recent natural disaster that hit Katmandu. Our prayers to those families who got effected due to this calamity. Mega power star Ram charan alongside Chiranjeevi charitable trust taken a step to be part of relief activities.
Ram charan with the help of Apollo hospitals will be shipping Very large quantity of
1)ORS sachets,
2)Glucose bags
3)Cough syrup
from Hyderabad to Nepal.
Not only Charan, Rana Daggubati is also trying to collect money.
“Hello, I am Rana Daggubati. I am sure we are all devastated and saddened by the situation in Nepal as of now. Like you, even I feel helpless when it comes to man vs nature but, what we can do is make a contribution and help save the lives of the people who have been hit by this tragedy. Please do join hands with me and help save someone’s life.” Says Rana.
You can donate money @

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