Charan encourages his wife Upasana!

Actor Ram Charan is always busy with films and other businesses all the time, Upasana is always occupied with CSR wing of Apollo Group. Recently Upasana went abroad, touring different countries, as part of business meetings. At the same time, Charan is busy with Khaidi No 150 post-release stuff like sorting accounts of the film and all.
Post ‘Dhruva’, Ram Charan hasn’t begun shooting of his next project. So, He accompanied Upasana when she went to Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh to deliver her address on mindful wellness, health and couple goals at the International Yoga Festival. Upasana proudly claims, She’s quick to say, “Mr C has come her to encourage me and that’s what I’ve to say #CoupleGoals”. In this pic, no doubt Charan is looking super hot while Upasna is gracefully beautiful.

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