Charan wife reveals about Divorce, Children

Upasana @ Srija Wedding Reception, Upasana new photos, Upasana at Srija wedding, Upasana Latest wallpapersMega Power star Ramcharan wife Upasana Kamineni has opened on several issues about children, married life, work and relationship with in laws. The Apollo life’s chairman, coming out as a woman of substance in her latest interview, has said that they are young and children can wait. “I have the whole of Apollo behind me and it will be there when I want to have a child. Some things have to be kept personal. Moreover, my house is not ready yet. It’s under construction. I am a very organized planner,” she said.

Mrs. Charan also said that she debuted on social media only to be able to put the record straight as and when she deems it fit. “I am travelling half the time. Unless it’s really serious, my people don’t bring it to my notice,” she said.

Asked about a rumour about her divorce last year, she said, “We are like every other normal couple. We are best of friends. I don’t know how this rumour came about. If we did get a divorce, we are strong enough to bring it out.”

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