Chennai beauty’s selfie in gym

TrishaFitness should be the only mantra for every sports-person and actor to stay fit and perform well in their respective field. Especially in the film field, heroes would prefer to maintain their six pack look while heroines would love to maintain their toned body in tact. We have seen many heroes and heroines taking snaps of themselves and sharing it on social networking sites to motivate their fans and co-stars. Here comes Chennai beauty Trisha who feels that hitting gym is not so easy for food lovers.

“There’s nothing like fitting fitness into daily life, especially if you live to eat. For weightless and detoxing, your hunger should be controlled. Only a juice for every 4 hours, isn’t enough know”, says Trisha, sharing her picture from the gym. After taking a decent break from work, she is now getting ready to take part in the finishing songs shoot of Balakrishna’s “Lion” very soon.

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