Chiranjeevi gives a Break for shooting again

Chiranjeevi 150th Film Shooting Spot Photos ,Chiranjeevi 150th Film Shooting Spot Images,Chiranjeevi 150th Film Shooting Spot ,Chiranjeevi 150th Film ,Chiranjeevi 150,Chiranjeevi ,Mega Star,Mega Family,Mega Stars 150th MovieBJP Govt Prestigeous bill Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill will be placed tomorrow in Rajya Sabha. The voting may happen any time from tomorrow to next three days. Congress Party had issued whip to all its members to attend the sessions with out fail. And so Megastar Chiranjeevi (Chiru) who is also a Rajya Sabha member will also give a break to the shooting of his 150th film and fly to Delhi.
Chiranjeevi is trying to balance his time between films and politics. Few days ago we have seen him attending Rajya Sabha cancelling the shoot to vote for the Private Bill on Special Status issue. But the bill did not come for voting back then. But GST is a crucial issue and the voting will happen.

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