Chiranjeevi should have told me:Puri

puri-jagannathCritically acclaimed director Puri Jagannath revealed on coming out from Chiranjeevi 150th movie. Earlier,he announced that he has narrated the first half of ‘Auto Jaani’ script for Mega Star’s 150th project and Mega star was impressed.
He said, he is getting ready for the second half. But in the shocking turn of events, Chiranjeevi revealed that they were not satisfied with Puri’s second part narration and are looking for a new director.
Puri Jagannath speaking about it, said, he was saddened that Chiranjeevi did not speak to him personally about the story and his dissatisfaction but directly went to the media and spoke in public. He said had Chiru spoke to him he would have made the required changes accordingly. Wonder how Mega Star will react to it.

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