Chiru’s hairstylist put behind bars

chiru4(1)This is really a shocking news which shook Tollywood upside down. Lisbon Miranda, an unkonwn name for movie goers but a popular name in film circles. Lisbon is a personal hair stylist for Megastar Chiranjeevi and also many other top heroes,heroines in Tollywood. As per the latest reports, it is learnt that Lisbon Miranda has murdered his wife cruelly the other day. Check the story.

Miranda married a Jet Airways employee Bindiya in the year 2008 and took 25 lakhs as dowry. But then he started demanding more dowry and started abusing her. It is heard that during one party, Miranda got sloshed completely and in that state he ended up stabbing Bindiya 19 times.

She died on the spot. After cross examining 26 witnesses the special court for women has given the judgement of lifetime imprisonment for Miranda. Even Miranda’s friends have revealed that he used to torture Bindiya for additional dowry. Justice has been served finally!

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