Cinema is not about Making Money:Akhil

Akhil Movie Audio Launch Photos   (6)Akhil, who is debuting with AKhil movie will be arriving on October 22nd on the eve of Dasara. The Akkineni Hero explains that cinema is not about making money but it’s an art form that couldn’t have any logical value.

“For many people, cinema is some kind of business, but for me it’s an art. Like a painting on a canvas, cinema is a 2 hour long art we create on screen. People will have different opinions, but still an art form will have both appreciation and criticism”, says Akhil. He feels that films require investment and they have to be recovered, but there’s no guarantee that ‘business’ is the only criteria all the time. Akhil has an example to illustrate this. “If you make coke in a factory, all the bottles should have the same taste. But for films, every film should have different taste, it’s not like Coke. So, there’s no guarantee that this much investment and ingredients, will bring that much success”, he avers.

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