Climax Will Be The Highlight In DJ

Dj Movie Working Stills,Dj Movie Working Photos,Dj Movie Working Pics,Dj MovieAllu Arjun is busy with his upcoming movie ‘Duvvada Jaganandham’ is progressing at brisk pace. Director Harish Shankar put the end to whole controversy where the Brahmin associations faulted the ‘Asmaika’ song lyrics of the movie. ‘We have voluntarily decided to replace the controversial phrases from “Asmaika” song. The song in the film will be with replaced lyrics as promised by us when it first came to our notice. The 2nd bunch of audio CDs will be rolled out with the replaced lyrics, (sic)’ he tweeted. He also said that the movie’s climax will be highlight and will be a blast in theaters. Dil Raju is producing the movie. Pooja Hedge is playing female lead role in this movie.

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