Collection king to write own autobiography?

mohanbabuHe is known for his bluntness in talking his hearts out. He is known for his punctuality and discipline. He is known for his typical dialogue delivery. Yes, he is none other than Senior hero and producer Manchu Mohan Babu for you. Its been 40 years of journey for him in film field. There was an era where Manchu Mohan Babu used to be called as collection king. As per the latest buzz, it is learnt that Mohan Babu is all set to write down his Autobiography in detail.

Why we stress in detail is because the book is said to be written in about 600 pages,where in Mohan Babu is to discuss about each director and producer, and also his co artistes whom he had worked with so far.

But, 600 pages for an autobiography is quite big isn’t it?

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