Comedy King’s new look revealed

RajendraprasadHe is the one who brought stardom for comedy heroes. He is known for his versatile acting and dialogue delivery. Yes, he is none other than Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad . The way he transformed himself from comedy hero to character artiste is a history that he has written for himself. Rajendraprasad is playing a key role (originally done by Nasser) in the Telugu remake of Tamil flick ‘Saivam’. This film is titled as ‘Daagudumoota Dandakor’ and Director Krish’s protege RK Malineni is making his directorial debut. Krish himself is producing this heart-touching movie.

The first look of ‘Daagudumoota Dandakor’ is released recently, and is getting good feedback from everyone. Rajendraprasad will be seen as the grandfather and Sara Arjun (Nanna fame) The film is about the relationship between a child and rooster. No doubts that Rajendraprasad lives that character and entertain the Telugu audience once again.

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